Spreading Love CD

Spreading Love is 52 minutes of pure love, peace and joy... an enchanting touching, moving, inspiring positive feel good music album that will light up your day.

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Personal Message from Shivani Ray, keynote speaker, singer-songwriter:
Feb 2012, (I was 11 at the time), my family and I, took an American tour group to visit a slum in Delhi, India. (www.GoYogiTours.com). On our way there, a tour member commented about becoming emotional at what she was going to see. My dad told her and the group to simply ‘count the smiles’ they would see on the faces of the children and people in the slums, and notice the joy in their eyes. This experience became the inspiration for the song ‘Counting Smiles’, the first song I recorded and one of the featured tracks on this album... and thus began my ‘Spreading Love’ musical journey.

I was 5 when I first stepped into a recording studio to narrate a part for the song ‘One Prayer’, written by the inspirational musician, ‘Karl Anthony’. I knew at that moment, I wanted to be a singer. I was fortunate to grow up around many inspirational speakers, attending many personal development seminars, Spiritual Living centers, Art of Living events, and Kids for Peace. All, a huge underlying inspiration for my songwriting. Today, I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to speak and sing to audiences around the world, and aspire to continue to do so.

In 2010, we left our home in San Diego and embarked on a 5 year global adventure. We were based in Bangalore, India and travelled extensively. During this time, I saw and learned a lot about life, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. This ‘Spreading Love’ album idea started as a simple home school project, and today I’m happy you’re holding the finished CD.

In a world filled with so much hatred, anger, war, and sadness, I wanted to create an album that would spread more love, peace and joy in this world. I want to be able to touch, move and inspire others with my songwriting, singing and speaking as I continue to travel far and wide on this beautiful planet. I truly hope you enjoy and find love, peace and joy through the music and messages in the songs.

Keep spreading the love :)

Shivani Ray

The Symbology Of Spreading Love Album Cover Concept

The cover design idea was conceived by my dad, Beejal Parmar.
My dad loves symbology and created the design concept to have several more profound deeper meanings:

  • The wall represents the barriers in our minds, and the separations that exist in humanity...
  • The step-ladder represents taking a step up to make a change...
  • The painting of the red heart is an expression of passion and creativity to spread the love to the world at large...
  • the girl on the ladder... yeah, that's me!
Spreading Love CD
I had just finished arranging 'Spreading Love' with Andy Ambat in our living room in Bangalore. The arrangement had a gap in it, and my Dad, who was listening, mentioned it would be nice to have a ‘rap’ part in it. We had seen inspirational music videos by an artist called 'Nimo'. My Dad decided to reach out to him over Facebook and ask him to write a small rap part for Spreading Love. It was a long shot, we did not know Nimo, never spoken to him… we had put the request out there.

Several hours later, just before bed, my Dad was checking his email, and saw a reply from Nimo. Not only had Nimo graciously agreed to writing a rap, he had already recorded the rap. We were all so happy… and that’s is how Spreading Love came to be.

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Spreading Love

Counting Smile

I was inspired to write this song after visiting the slums in Delhi and Bangalore. Despite living in poverty, and small homes, you can’t but help notice the smiles on the faces of the kids and twinkle in their eyes. Counting smiles is a reminder to all of us, that there is incredible value in the power of a simple smile.

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Counting Smiles

I Know

The pressure was on! We had 9 songs recorded and I only had a week left to write and record the last song before we left India… But, no matter how hard I worked on the last song, I was experiencing a creative writer's block. Dad realized I was struggling and offered to help. He sat on my bed and listened to the tune I had created on my ukulele. He started to write and line by line the song came together. Two hours later, 90% of the song had been written. By the next day we had the chorus written. This truly was a father-daughter collaboration (although to be honest, dad really did write most of it… just don't tell him I said so!)

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I Know

Home Again

I wrote this song to be a carrier of a simple message… regardless of race, religion, color or creed… this is OUR home and we have a collective responsibility to keep it that way.

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Home Again

Diamonds & Pearls

I first listened to my godfather Karl Anthony perform ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ in India. I fell in love with the song and the deeper meaning. It’s a reminder that we have to look at our very own reflection to see our own brilliance…

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Diamonds & Pearls


Written by my dad’s childhood friend, songwriter and producer Sham De Re, the song was rewritten to fit my style of music in the spirit of positive music and lyrics.

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This was the third full song I wrote and recorded. Andy Ambat, a dear friend of ours in Bangalore, India, helped me arrange the song and he also played lead guitars on it. I wrote the song to remind us that everyday is a new day for the sun to shine… if we let it.

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Hold The Sky

"Are you in Pain?" - Karl Anthony asks a young 11 year old boy going through Chemotherapy
"Yes" - replies the boy
"How does it feel?" - Karl asks the boy
Boy pauses… "It feels like the ground is shaking underneath me!"
"What do you think about to deal with the pain?"
Boy pauses..."I imagine I am holding the sky"

Karl Anthony writes the song… and I love the song so much, I had to include it on the album.

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Hold The Sky

Hold On To Each Other

Having made the decision to leave home at the age of 15, knowing that I would be away from my parents and sister for weeks on end, I asked Karl Anthony if I could include this song especially for them. In years gone by, we’ve experienced the pain of saying goodbye to friends… and now, I would be saying goodbye to my parents.

It’s easy to take relationships and the time we have together for granted. We as a family have seen the power of great relationships and how some people don’t value relationships, allowing ego and pride to get in between themselves and the ones they love… sometimes we simply have to let go, and hold on to each other in good times and tough times.

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Hold On To Each Other

One Prayer

10 years later... One Prayer is the song that started it all... I was 5 when ‘Uncle Karl’, inspirational singer-songwriter, humanitarian asked my parents for permission to allow me to record a small spoken part for his song ‘One Prayer’. My memory of what that experience was like is somewhat hazy, but I’ll remember the feelings forever. I am quite sure I made up my mind in that moment to become a singer-songwriter.

When I was 7, we created the music video for One Prayer. The setting was Balboa Park, the premise quite simple, for me to walk through the park and give our One Prayer cards. The YouTube video went viral with over 300,000 views. Even today, I am asked, are you the little girl in the One Prayer video… yes I am, and today, I am so honored to have been able to re-record the song, with Uncle Karl speaking the part I spoke 10 years earlier.

Here’s the original video and below the video, my version of One Prayer

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One Prayer


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I Am Grateful...

My heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to the creation of this album: Thank you dad (Beejal) for your coaching, tough love, making me laugh, and believing in me. www.ibeejal.com. Thank you mum (Yogi) for your strength, courage to speak up, your support and for teaching me to add love in all that I do. For my baby sister, Khushani, never a dull moment! Love you all so much.

Uncle Karl, my godfather, my musical inspiration, giving me a chance to perform with you, introducing me to a recording studio, and for allowing me to re-create your songs and share them with the world. www.KarlAnthony.com

Andy Ambat, thank you for jamming with me in our living room, helping me arrange some of the songs, and for the amazing guitar playing at our live performances and studio sessions.

Soul Brother Nimo, an amazing soul, inspiring me to spread love, peace and joy through my music. I was so happy that you agreed to contribute to Spreading Love. www.EmptyHandsMusic.com

Sham De Re, thank you for rewriting ‘Dreaming’ for me, and for allowing me to sing one of your songs. I truly appreciate you and your amazing music. www.ShamDeRe.com

Varun Rao, Karan Moktan and entire studio team, thank you for your commitment and passion. It was so much fun working with you all. www.ResonanceStudios.in

Design team: Souvit SinghaRoy (Website) and Sarra Ali (CD Cover). Thank you for all your creative visual design support.

Finally, to all the family & friends who have taken the time to like and comment on Facebook during the creation of the album... I really appreciated your support and felt your love (now part of the album :)

Small acts of love & kindness can really make a difference...


‘Spreading Love’, ‘Counting Smiles’, ‘Home Again’, ‘Everyday’ written by Shivani Ray ☺ ‘I Know’, written by Shivani Ray and Beejal Parmar ☺ ‘Diamonds & Pearls’, ‘Hold On To Each Other’, ‘Hold the Sky’, ‘One Prayer’ & ‘India’ written and music by Karl Anthony ☺ ‘Spreading Love’, ‘Home Again’ music by Morgan Matthews ☺ ‘Dreaming’ written by Sham De Re ☺ ‘Diamonds and Pearls’, Indian Percussions by Karan Chitra Deshmukh ☺ ‘Hold On To Each Other’, Piano by Sanjay John Rodrigues, Backing Vocals by Marlene D'Souza and Rhea D'Souza.

Recorded at Resonance Studios, Bangalore, India - www.resonancestudios.in
Produced by Varun Rao and Karan Moktan - Mixed and Mastered by Varun Rao and Karan Moktan